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Combined CDF and D0 Searches for the Standard Model Higgs
Abstract: We combine results from CDF and D0´s di. arXiv:1107.4960v1 hep-ex 25 Jul 2011FERMILAB-CONF-11-348-ECDFNote10510D0Note6203CombinedCDFand
cdf winter2010
March 2009CDF Winter 2010 Results!M. Herndon, Fermilab, March 2010 2Tevatron an New Goal: CPV in the Bs, indirect searches for new physicsToday: Lifetimes, B X rare d
B Physics at CDF
In1IntroductionCDF has been taking data at Tevatron Run IIa for about two years. For p¯ p collisions at 1.96 TeV,the bb production cross section is σbb∼ 0.1 mb. CDF has und
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Data production models for the CDF experiment
data processing ColliderDetector Fermilab (CDF) detector largegeneralpurposedetecto SlovakRepublic. D.Benjam in,S.Cabrera,and .CocaarewithDukeUniversity,Durham NC2
The CDF Archive Herschel PACS and SPIRE Spectroscopic Data
:The CDF Archive: Herschel PACS and SPIRE Spectroscopic Data Pipelinea . In addition, we provide our best SPIRE-FTS spectroscopic products for the COPS Ope
gsl cdf tdist.c
for (i = 1; i n; i++) { y = x * (y + c[i]); } y += c[n]; return y; } /* * Use the Cornish-Fisher asymptotic expansion to find a point u such * that gsl cdf gauss(y) = tcdf(t). * */ static double co